Unlimited Possibilities.
One Powerful Platform.

Our digital publishing platform simplifies interactive content creation, making it easy to stay 100% on brand.

Born Digital…

A lightning fast, intuitive drag and drop editor gives you the power to create, design and publish stunning digital content in minutes.

Bring content to life with fully customisable components – images, galleries, videos, audio, parallax effects and much more.

…Replica ready.

If PDF content still plays an important part of your workflow, we can accurately transform this into editable and engaging online experiences.

Our intelligent conversion service means there’s no tagging, no copy/paste and no stress.

Designer quality content.

Create bespoke digital content experiences that are engaging, responsive and scalable.

Build rich media layouts and fine tune for desktop, mobile, and tablet, while clean optimised code generates in the background.

Build fast, deploy faster.

With our flexible publish connectors, you can build, design and deploy digital solutions quickly and cost effectively.

With support for more than 12 channels and formats, Canvasflow does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Professional publishing.

Instantly publish to your app, website, digital newsstands and other digital channels, to reach and captivate audiences.

From powerful web apps and stunning micro-sites to digital newsstands, publish in minutes, not months.

Analytics at your fingertips.

Real-time analytics provide valuable insights, enabling you to quickly make informed decisions without having to generate complex and time consuming reports.

Don’t just read, listen.

Our powerful text-to-speech service enables the generation of lifelike, tailored voice versions of your content.

With dozens of lifelike voices across a broad set of languages, you can create speech-enabled apps that work globally.

Your audience, their language.

Our dynamic language layer supports unlimited languages, while our one click translation service converts your content into more than 20 languages, capturing even the slightest nuances before reproducing them in translation.

Key Features

Just a few of the built in features of the Canvasflow platform.

A world class editor

A lightning fast, intuitive drag and drop editor gives you the power to create stunning connect without limitations

Text to speech

Our powerful text-to-speech solution enables the instant deployment of lifelike, tailored voice versions of your content

Multi-language ready

Our dynamic language layer supports the translation of up to 20 different languages

One-click publishing

With instant and intelligent publishing to multiple channels, we get your content to where it needs to be

Boost digital revenues

Benefit from custom built and third party dynamic and replica adverts to reach new readers quickly

Monitise content

Remove the friction of online transactions, securing online customisable paywalls that sit outside of App Stores

Stay on Brand

Create and customise our platform in line with your brand guidelines

Built for Teams

Rich user permissions and our article protection system ensure your team works with confidence

Designed to Dovetail

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack to streamlining your team’s workflow

SEO Friendly

Every aspect of our platform is built to help your content get discovered organically

Let’s Make Things Happen.

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The Canvasflow solution is fabulous! Since introducing the platform, our production time is down from a couple of weeks to just days, it’s been liberating!.

Paul Gerwen

Creative Director, NRCA

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