Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Canvasflow.

Can published content be viewed offline?2022-06-24T19:26:50+01:00

Yes, Canvasflow supports the ability to view published content with either no or very poor internet connectivity.

Is there a limit to the number of publications or issues I can publish or store?2022-06-24T19:24:51+01:00

No, Canvasflow is a 100% cloud based digital content platform designed to scale quickly and efficiently to to handle as much content as you require.

Does Canvasflow optimise large print images?2022-06-24T19:22:23+01:00

Yes, Canvasflow offers a built in image optimisation service to ensure your images are super optimised at all times, providing file size reductions of up to 80%!

Why Publish Digitally?2022-06-24T19:15:10+01:00

Content developers, readers, and viewers alike are moving away from traditional publishing methods and relying more often on digital publishing because of print media’s limitations. For businesses, this may be a longer publishing process, or, for readers, decreased ease of access to content or information.

How does Digital Publishing increase my ROI?2022-06-24T19:14:20+01:00

Digital publishing has the potential to generate more revenue compared with traditional publishing. Because your expenses are lower, the profit you make from the sales, subscriptions, or transactions for your digital media is higher. You can also leverage strategies like affiliate linking and organic search to help you get more exposure and reach with less advertising money spent.

Does Canvasflow support multi-language?2022-06-24T19:13:06+01:00

Yes, our built in language layer supports unlimited languages while our one click translation service can convert your content into more than 20 languages at the click of a button.

Can I use custom fonts?2022-06-24T19:11:07+01:00

Yes, custom fonts are fully supported.  Our team will automatically convert and optimise all fonts to ensure the fastest delivery of your content.

Can I export my content from Canvasflow?2022-06-24T19:09:13+01:00

Yes.  Your content is always yours.  We provide the option for you to download your content in multiple formats anytime you want – no platform lock-ins.

I already have content; can I get it into Canvasflow?2022-06-24T19:04:38+01:00

Canvasflow offers several methods to ingest existing content. Using our rich API webservice, xFlow PDF service, InDesign plugin or CMS plugins, it’s super easy to get existing content straight into Canvasflow.

Can Canvasflow handle digital magazines?2022-06-24T19:01:35+01:00

Canvasflow provides the option for article-based publications or issue-based publications. Issue-based publications allow for a more traditional magazine publishing schedule with support for single click issue based publishing.

Can I embed rich media into articles?2022-06-24T19:00:52+01:00

Canvasflow currently provides support for a wide range of rich media components including Images, Galleries, Videos, Audio, Maps, tables and much more.

Can I collaborate with my team?2022-06-24T19:00:08+01:00

Canvasflow provides a rich user permissions system.  Lock users down to particular titles, assign appropriate permissions to members of your team and prevent accidental overwrite with our article protection system.

Can I add custom code if I want to?2022-06-24T18:56:10+01:00

Of course! Although Canvasflow is designed to help publishers eliminate the need for developers, we provide a custom code component for those that require a deeper level of customisation.

Do I have to know how to write code to be able to use Canvasflow?2022-06-24T18:55:35+01:00

No. Canvasflow has been designed to remove the need for developers. The platform provides both an easy to use drag and drop article builder as well as a style and template builder making the creation and design of responsive content simple and accessible to everyone.

What workflow can Canvasflow support?2022-06-24T18:55:02+01:00

Canvasflow is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow, providing multi-publication support with edition based & continuous publishing.

Does CF work efficiently from an SEO perspective?2022-06-24T18:54:15+01:00

Yes, Canvasflow generates clean, optimised, semantic markup which can be easily crawled and indexed by browsers.

Is Canvasflow GDPR compliant?2022-06-24T18:53:47+01:00

Canvasflow is a privacy first content platform. We don’t include any unwanted tracking, analytics scripts and store and process all data within the EU.

Can Canvasflow handle multiple titles or different brands?2022-06-24T18:52:53+01:00

Yes. Canvasflow has been built from the ground up to support multiple brands or titles from a single account.  With full control over brand assets and user management roles it’s the perfect platform for agencies or publishers of multiple titles.

Is Apple News+ available in my country?2022-06-17T14:33:19+01:00

As of July 2022, Apple News+ is currently available only in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Is Canvasflow a no-code platform for making flipbooks?2022-09-20T12:02:55+01:00

Make professional flip books and digital publications simple with Canvasflow, a no-code platform designed to make powerful content easy. Canvasflow is intuitive to use and removes technical barriers in publishing professional-grade digital content. It’s easily customisable and effortlessly integrates with existing publishing workflows. If there’s an integration or feature you need, the Canvasflow team can help. Concentrate on the content and let Canvasflow power the process.

How do you make a flipbook with Canvasflow?2022-09-20T12:02:18+01:00

Canvasflow is a powerful no-code platform with drag-and-drop editing and customisable templates. It makes it easy to create engaging digital flipbooks from scratch by seamlessly slotting into your existing publication process, whether converting existing PDFs into digital flipbooks or taking content directly from software like InDesign.

Can I make a flipbook from a PDF?2022-09-20T12:01:51+01:00

Yes, Canvasflow makes it easy to transform existing PDFs into engaging digital experiences like flipbooks. A seamless, easy to use PDF conversion tool will extract and transform PDF content into the Canvasflow platform, flipbooks optimised for all devices.

What is a flipbook?2022-09-20T12:00:32+01:00

A flipbook is an interactive digital publication that replicates a physical page-turning book or magazine. This includes page shadows, sound effects, and individual pages that can be turned. Flipbooks replicate printed publications in a digital form, but also add new functionality such as rich media like audio and video. They’re often used for digital brochures, catalogues, magazines, and books.

What type of advertising does Canvasflow support?2022-07-04T13:45:34+01:00

Canvasflow can support Adverts in any format.  From Static Ads, Videos Ads, Ad Platforms (such as GAM) and even manually created Dynamic Ads, we can serve whatever you need.

What is Apple News+2022-06-17T14:31:43+01:00

Apple News+ brings together the world’s best publications all in one place for one monthly subscription. Content is handpicked by Apple’s editors and Apple News is personalised based on reader preferences. So the more you read, the most relevant the stories will be served to you through the app. It’s the easiest way to stay up to date with the news and information that matters most to you.

Do you automatically style my content for Apple News+?2022-06-17T14:28:15+01:00

Canvasflow offers an unlimited range of creative styles that can be easily adapted to fit your brands bespoke requirements – while ensuring they meet the strict requirements of Apple News+. With our responsive content creation platform, you’ll be able to create content that’s purpose-built for digital audiences, helping you to stand out from the crowd.