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Convert Your PDFs into editable, engaging Content that Works on ALL Devices

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Whatever the Source.

If PDF content still plays an important part of your workflow, Canvasflow can accurately transform this into editable and engaging online experiences.

With our intelligent conversion service, there’s no tagging, no copy & paste and no stress.

Transform your PDF articles into stunning, responsive digital content that looks great on any device, while enabling search engines to guide more readers to discover your awesome content.

Easily convert your PDF issues into responsive HTML to make your content visible to search engines and offer mobile readers an amazing responsive experience, while offering Desktop readers access to your fully branded PDF edition.

Easily switch between PDF and HTML view with the click of a button – you can even add multimedia such as videos and sound clips to your HTML content post-conversion.

Get the full picture.

The XFlowPDF service accurately extracts text, images, tables and more before rebuilding content in a semantic, structured format enabling you to apply styling quickly and easily.

Low touch, high accuracy.

With support for high volume throughput, automated delivery endpoints and user status notifications, XFlow can be highly automated while being customised to handle your specific content requirements.

No tagging, no copy/paste, no stress.

Like print, but better.

XFlow is powered by the Canvasflow platform, so all converted PDFs can be instantly edited and enhanced via the editor.

Add videos, audio, animation and even dynamic advertising in seconds to previously print-ready content.

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Multi-title, replica to responsive conversion.

Learn how Canvasflow converted RBA’s back catalogue of National Geographic titles into dynamic responsive content.

Canvasflow has…

Nico Equisuany

Digital Coordinator, GRUPO RBA

xFlowPDF Key Benefits

Easily convert your PDF print into responsive HTML.

Fast Turnaround

Convert full print titles in as little as two hours, with scheduled delivery and automated file transfer

Increase Revenue

Repurpose existing content, increase Ad revenue and enhance content with rich media

Improve Discoverability

Output indexed by all major search engines, social shares, email newsletters and direct links from other websites

Improved Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of how, when and by whom your content is consumed

Reduce Costs

With low and no touch solutions available, Canvasflow significantly reduces your digital production costs

Highly customisable

A transformation process fully customised to your specific content and brand requirements

Improve  Engagement

See your content in stunning Replica and Responsive format, perfect for all screen sizes

Faster to Market

Reduce time from print to digital to hours not days and without technical resources

Supercharge your workflow today.

Book your FREE demo and see how much time our xFlowPDF service could save your production team.

“Canvasflow’s xFlowPDF conversion service is nothing short of magic! Not only is it fast and accurate but it’s cut our digital production time by 90%”.

Paul Gerwen

Creative Director, NRCA

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