Progressive Web Apps Are The Future of Publishing

Progressive Web Apps bring native app-like experiences, designed to deliver content that can be consumed instantly by anyone, anywhere.

Create and publish in hours, not months.

A Progressive Web App can be built and deployed quickly, without technical knowledge. Because it’s not subject to App store approval, it’s the perfect solution for long term content distribution and short run digital experiences.

Get discovered, fast.

A Progressive Web App exists – you guessed it – on the web. So it’s found via search engines, social shares, newsletters, direct links from websites and more. Make it easy for your content to be found and consumed.

Available instantly, everywhere.

Available across all devices with no need to install anything, Progressive Web Apps deliver a consistent user experience (even on desktop), so you reach your audience, everywhere.

Your content, your revenue.

Connect a payments platform and start monetising your content today. Progressive Web Apps are not subject to App Store commission charges, so you retain a higher percentage of revenues generated.

Key Features

App-Like Behaviour

Designed like native apps with the full functionality of a website – it can be installed on a user’s device to improve engagement

No App Stores

Progressive Web Apps circumvent App stores so can be deployed instantly and aren’t impacted by changing App store policies

Works Everywhere

Universal apps deliver a consistent user experience via a single URL across all devices – even desktop

SEO Friendly

Get indexed by all major search engines and link directly from social platforms, newsletters and websites

Instant Load

Available instantly and without download – significantly improving the end user experience

Seamless Updates

With automatic and instant updates, there is no need frustrate users with update and permission requests

Offline Operation

With 100% offline capability, a Progressive Web App can operate completely offline or on slow, compromised networks

Fast Performance

With intelligent caching, content is delivered instantly – even to users on slow networks or old devices

Increased Revenue

Paid content is not subject to App Store commission, so publishers retain more generated revenue

Rich Analytics

Improved visibility of users with support for multiple authentication platforms including Apple and Google

Low Deployment Cost

Progressive Web Apps are highly cost-effective to build, develop and maintain, and can be deployed instantly

Multi-purpose solution

From multi-issue newsstand apps to single purpose solutions

It’s Time to Get Universal.

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“Since rolling out Canvasflow we have noticed a significant increase in mobile uptake of readership as our readers are able to engage with the content in so many new ways”

Damion Diplock

Global Digital Producer, RBI

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