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Canvasflow delivers the world’s richest Apple News+ integration.

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Apple News+ delivers the best of news and magazines.

Canvasflow provides the ability to create stunning content and publish directly to Apple News+, opening you up to a global audience.

Stand out, be seen.

Canvasflow helps bring your content to life on Apple News+ in stunning new ways.

Combine vivid photography, videos and build immersive layouts or automate production straight from PDF.

Boost your potential.

The easy-to-use platform is designed to help your content reach the widest audience possible via Apple News+.

With a host of rich media components and creative content templates to choose from.

Seamless integration.

Canvasflow’s News Publisher integration lets you connect directly and without any technical knowledge or upfront investment.

Simply connect your account, hit publish and instantly feature alongside leading news publications and international magazines*.

*Apple News+ is available only in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


With automatic Apple News Format content generation, thumbnail detection and rich article meta descriptions, we leave you to focus on the story.

Key Features

Instant connection

We make it easier than ever before to share your content with global audiences on Apple News+

Simple workflow

With built in 'smart issue' management, error reporting and preflight checks, you can focus 100% on the story

Creative control

Design for Apple News+ in your brand unique style or make your content dark mode compatible without writing a single line of code

A powerful solution

Instantly publish, update, unpublish and delete articles, all with a single click from one central hub

Feature rich

Full support for all Apple News+ format properties including featured articles, sections, custom fonts, image roles, canonical URLs, and more

Full Support

Native support for all components (images, galleries, mosaics, videos) supported by Apple News+

Fast, Safe, Secure

With HTTPS encryption, CDN deployment and optimised delivery, we ensure your content is secure and always ready to go

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Canvasflow's xFlowPDF conversion service is nothing short of magic! Not only is it fast and accurate but it's cut our digital production time by 90%”.

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