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Bring your book to life with intuitive e-book software. Canvasflow makes e-book design and publishing simple, so you can concentrate on the content.

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Canvasflow empowers authors, content creators, and publishers by making e-book design and publishing simple. It’s an all-in-one platform that will supercharge both design and publication, with intuitive features and drag-and-drop editing. Canvasflow is a platform designed to be powerful yet simple to use, removing the technical barriers to professional content.

Whether you’re an author looking to self-publish at a professional level or a brand or publisher seeking to supercharge your workflows, Canvasflow can help. With a range of customisable templates and intuitive editing tools, you’ll be up and running in minutes. Canvasflow is designed to make professional content design easy, creating engaging e-books that are ready to be read.

Everything you need to make professional e-books

Canvasflow is an all-in-one digital publishing platform with everything you need to build, design, and publish high-quality e-books. The platform has everything you need to create an engaging read, with customisable templates to get you started in minutes. E-books created with Canvasflow are engaging, responsive, and scalable, with professional designs without the need for a designer. The cloud-based platform can be accessed from anywhere, improving cross-team collaboration and workflows.

Gain complete control over how e-books appear across different devices, reaching new readers and optimising their experience. Fully customisable templates ensure e-books stay on brand. Publish directly across multiple channels and formats, connecting with your readers wherever they may be. Canvasflow can seamlessly integrate with your existing publishing workflows too, including a range of design software such as InDesign.

An e-book maker built for brands

Boost your brand with engaging digital content built in just a few simple steps. Canvasflow is used by international brands to build e-books, digital brochures, engaging digital stories, and more. The cloud-based platform makes cross-team collaboration easy, and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It’s a powerful all-in-one platform designed for non-technical teams, so you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Brands and businesses can use Canvasflow to make captivating e-books to strengthen their brand and engage readers. It’s a creative content platform built to make content creation simple. Drag-and-drop editing and templates streamlines the publication process. In-depth customisation makes your content an extension of your brand, spreading awareness and championing your business.

E-books for marketing

A professional e-book brings value to readers, helping to improve conversion rates and engage customers. Whether the e-book is the product or a digital brochure, Canvasflow can help publish a professional e-book quickly and efficiently. With rich media embeds and professional design, Canvasflow will make your e-book stand out from the crowd. It’s a cost-effective way to create content to convert customers, support sales, and enhance brand reputation.

Canvasflow helps marketers publish interactive digital content that’s scalable and responsive. Effortlessly engage customers wherever they may be, optimised to be experienced across all devices. The platform includes customisable templates to amplify and enhance brand style and tone. It’s a no-code platform built for non-technical teams, meaning you can focus on what matters.

Yes, Canvasflow includes an intuitive PDF converter which will transform your files into e-books. Take old and existing PDF books and transform them into rich digital experiences, with drag and drop editing and easy addition of audio and video. Canvasflow digital content is responsive and optimised for any device, so is ready to engage readers wherever they may be.

Whether you’re building an e-book from scratch or transforming an existing document or PDF, Canvasflow makes the process simple. Drag-and-drop design and quick customisation means you’ll be set up in minutes. A library of customisable templates makes designing professional e-books easy.

Canvasflow can slot into your existing publication process, integrating with design software like InDesign. Conversion software can take existing PDFs and transform them into interactive e-books, ready for rich media enhancement. When ready, publish your e-book in a range of formats and across different platforms, to engage your readers wherever they may be.

Canvasflow is a no-code platform designed to make e-book and digital publishing simple. The platform makes your content easy to access for readers, and easy to design for creators. It’s designed to empower non-technical teams to create professional-level e-books in a few simple steps. The platform is intuitive to use and contains in depth customisation options, to keep your content on brand. The Canvasflow team is here for support if you require any new integrations or connections.

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