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Digital Brochures To Bring Your Business To Life

Canvasflow makes it easy to create engaging digital brochures that will convert. Design and publish responsive online brochures that supercharge your sales and share your products and services with customers. Captivate your customers with interactive online brochures optimised for all devices. Content built with Canvasflow can help support sales and conversions, improve brand awareness and engage new customers.

So you can take your existing PDF brochures and transform them into responsive, rich digital experiences. Our platform is easy-to-use and intuitive, cutting down on the training required to create professional brochures. Stand out from the crowd with beautifully designed digital brochures which are ready to share wherever your customers are by creating content that can be consumed by customers anywhere and on any device.

Everything You Need To Make Professional Digital Brochures

With Canvasflow, you can quickly and easily produce professional digital brochures effortlessly. Offering everything you need to design and publish digital-first brochures, with rich media including audio, video, and animation, Canvasflow is designed to slot into your existing processes, with seamless integrations making your workflow easy. With powerful content creation in a few simple steps, you can concentrate on your brand and content.

Take existing PDFs and easily transform them into responsive digital brochures accessible on all devices. Bring your products to life, increasing reach with content optimised for all devices. With in-built translation, Canvasflow can bring your content to new audiences across the world in a few simple steps. Cloud-based means easy access across all of your teams, streamlining the design, proofreading and publishing processes.

A Complete Digital Brochure Solution

Canvasflow is an all-in-one digital publishing platform that will help to supercharge your content. A cloud-based solution which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, improving collaboration between your different teams, Canvasflow is trusted by international brands to enhance their digital content processes. Champion your products and brand in a few simple steps, with a low-cost solution for multi-platform publishing.

With so much competition vying for your customers’ attention, do more with less with Canvasflow. Our intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes design simple for non-technical teams, speeding up the content creation process without compromising on quality aesthetics. Plus, our in-depth style and customisation settings will bring your brand to all devices ensuring your digital brochure can be published directly to different channels, reaching your customers wherever they are.

Convert Your Existing PDFs to Digital Brochures

Canvasflow can convert your existing replica-ready PDF brochures into engaging digital content that works across all devices. Our powerful conversion tool is perfect for non-technical teams, transforming PDFs into enhanced, editable experiences. Take your content to the next level, and easily add rich multimedia such as audio and videos to your brochures.

Canvasflow’s PDF conversion is intuitive and provides powerful PDF extraction in just a few steps. So you can avoid getting bogged down in manual processes and reformatting, and instead, choose a PDF conversion tool that just works.

Create Print Ready Digital Brochures

Canvasflow is a digital-first content creation platform that’s also print-ready. You can print directly from the Canvasflow file, and export your digital brochure in a range of formats. Canvasflow offers multi-channel publishing and that includes print too, so you can trust one platform for physical and digital content.

Yes, Canvasflow includes a powerful PDF conversion tool which will transform existing brochures into responsive digital experiences. The tool will extract content from PDFs, including text and images, ready to be edited and enhanced on the platform. Take your PDFs and in a few simple steps, you can transform them into responsive brochures optimised for all devices.

Canvasflow is an intuitive creative content platform which can easily be used to design digital brochures from scratch. Digital templates and drag-and-drop layouts make building engaging content straightforward. Canvasflow can also integrate directly into your existing workflows, taking content from software like InDesign to create responsive digital editions.

Canvasflow is a no-code platform designed to help create professional digital brochures for non-technical teams. It’s highly customisable, so it’s easy to create digital brochures that fit your brand and style. It effortlessly integrates across your existing workflow, publishing directly to a range of different platforms with ease.

If there’s a feature or integration you need for your unique publishing process, we can help with that too. All you need to do is ask.

Canvasflow is flexible to meet whatever style and size of digital brochure your brand may need. As a cloud-based platform, large or complex digital brochures can be easily accessed in one place by different teams. Streamline every step of the process from design to publication, and make complex brochures simple.

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