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Digital magazine production

Creative Control Ensures Stories Are Quickly Discovered

Agencies use Canvasflow to organise clients content in a central hub and quickly publish stories to multiple channels. Branding remains consistent and creative control is retained.

Publish to web, apps and social channels like Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles so your stories reach your audience fast.

Canvasflow helps agencies stay creative, and connects their stories to their audience

Canvasflow is cost effective, flexible and a very capable system
- Graham Peace

Design-led Authoring

Canvasflow's design suite offers full customisation of content and the creation of templates. This allows for rapid HTML5 content creation that will deliver engaging reader experiences across all platforms and devices.

Multi-Channel Publishing

Publish to any platform; App, Web, Adobe AEM and social channels including; Apple News, Facebook IA and Medium. Reach your audience wherever they are and make your content more discoverable.

Central Content Hub

Canvasflow streamlines workflows by providing the ability to create, design and manage content from a central hub before publishing to whichever channels your customers require. This puts you in control and makes collaboration between teams simple.

Flexible For Any Solution

A Creative Agency's requirements can change rapidly, so Canvasflow ensures flexibility by letting you choose what format your content is in, where it's published and who manages it.

Developer-free, responsive content that reaches your audience everywhere.
Apple News output from Canvasflow

Multi-Channel Publishing

One click content distribution across multiple channels

Key Features For Agencies

A feature rich platform to streamline your digital workflow.

Powerful CMS

Create, design, manage and publish everything from a central content hub.

App and Social Publishing

One click publishing to websites, apps, email, social channels and much more.

Email Ready

Create rich HTML email campaigns for use with your existing distribution platform.

Rich Integrations

Instantly Connect to any leading app platforms inc. Twixl, Pugpig, Purple DS & AEM.

Feature Rich

Packed with additional tools to make creating, designing and publishing content simple.

Beautifully Simple

Canvasflow is super simple to use so you can start creating stunning responsive content in minutes.

Realtime Preview

Instantly see how content looks across multiple devices and orientations before publishing.

Style Switcher

Switch instantly between article styles and preview how designs can looks in realtime.

One-click Publishing

Download content as standalone article packages or seamlessly publish to multiple channels.

Responsive Grid

Easily create, resize and manage columns - and even apply responsive visibility.

Custom Code

Write HTML markup, add third party scripts or upload zip files containing custom code.

Inline Editor

Granular style level control over your copy with a brand customisable colour pallet.

Text Components

Add up to 16 Text Components and customise them to match your teams workflow.

Image Optimisation

Automatically optimised images with inbuilt cropping tools and aspect ratio detection.

Unlimited Templates

Create reusable templates with linked styles, or create templates from existing articles.

No Dependencies

Export content as standalone static articles and use it whereever you wish - no platform lockins.

Secure & Fast

With full HTTPS encryption using TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2 for the best in security and fastest delivery.

Responsive Layouts

All layouts are completely responsive and work perfectly on any mobile device.

Duplicate Articles

Easily duplicate articles for testing purposes, or to speed up production process.

Searchable content

Canvasflow generates clean HTML markup that is easily indexable by search engines.

Twitter Timelines

Embedded timeline widgets to easily display your Tweets.

Infogram Support

Beautiful charts, maps, graphics, and dashboards are a snap with Infogram.

Meta Data

Support for channel specific meta data.

Key Benefits For Agencies

Instantly add value to your production workflow

  • Make content more discoverable
  • Simple and cost-effective setup
  • Grow digital audience
  • Build deeper engagement with audiences
  • Mobilise your content
  • Automation with the flexibility of creative control
  • Affordable digital publishing solution
  • Flexible & future-proof platform

What Agencies say about Canvasflow

See how Canvasflow helps Creative Agencies succeed

Graham Peace
With Canvasflow, my clients are able to take over control of apps I've designed and easily create and manage fully responsive HTML5 content themselves
Graham Peace
Publishing Consultant, GPD

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