Tutorial Videos

Watch Canvasflow in action

Creating & Managing Content

Get help quickly from our extensive knowledge base

The Workspace Explained

Watch an overview of the Canvasflow Workspace

Creating Content

Learn how to use the editor to build stunning content

Creating Styles

Learn how to create and manage your design using Styles

Working with Templates

Learn how to optimise content production with templates

Template Manager

Learn how to create and manage your templates

Working with Snippets

See how Snippets can help speed up your content production

The Canvasflow Workspace

Learn your way around the Canvasflow Workspace

Working with Components

Learn more about Text, Media and Layout Components


See how layouts can help you create multi-column structures


Learn how to flow content into auto adapting multi-columns


Learn how to build and style Call to Action buttons


All you need to know about creating and managing galleries

Linked Anchors

Learn how to make use of linked anchors in your content

The 'Display On' Control

Learn how to control the visibility of media components

Account Settings

Learn how to setup and manage account and publication settings

Connecting to Twixl Publisher

Learn how to connect your Canvasflow with Twixl apps

User Roles & Permissions

Learn how to create and apply user roles

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