Founded in 1886, The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) is the voice of professional roofing contractors and the publisher of Professional Roofing magazine. They are the leading publication in the roofing industry with over 16,000 readers.

We spoke to Paul Gerwen, Creative Director at the NRCA to understand how they came to need a new solution and what working with Canvasflow has been like.


Moving to Mobile-first Publishing

The NRCA pride themselves on creating professional content for their loyal readers, but creating mobile-ready, well-designed content is no small task and the process can significantly impact production times.

With Canvasflow, the NRCA are able to deliver a professional, responsive mobile first experience while being able to focus on the heart of the content.

NRCA iPad combo
Our production time is down from a couple of weeks to just 3-4 days, it's been liberating!


The Canvasflow Experience

By providing a central, cloud based location for all content and full control over their Pugpig Issues management, collaboration becomes frictionless, and content production take a fraction of the time.

The NRCA have taken full advantage of Canvasflow's article building functionality, developing multiple 'Styles' and 'Templates' to further speed up future content creation, while embracing multi-column technology to deliver a truly responsive experience.

Canvasflow has helped us make the best quality product for our readers while making it easier for us to create responsive and aesthetically pleasing layouts containing exclusive content our print version simply can't
NRCA publication issues


Traditional Publishing Flexibility

While the NRCA have taken a mobile-first approach to the future, there was still a requirement to create articles from a PDF source. Using Canvasflow's PDF-to-article auto processing functionality, the NRCA were able to seamlessly converte large PDF based publications to Pugpig compatible articles in minutes.


No Coding Requried

Because Canvasflow provides a 100% developer free platform, it has enabled each NRCA team member to be more flexible in how they work. For example, a copywriter with no coding experience can now easily develop new layouts, build and test new designs and create robust, responsive content.

It's allowed staff that don't necessarily have coding knowledge to get more involved in production

With Canvasflow, users from all backgrounds can quickly become more embedded in the larger production process.


Premium Support

Because of the simplicity the Canvasflow platform offers and the robust, enterprise tested technology it's built upon, it unlikely you will need to reach to us for assistance. However, in the event you do, our dedicated support team provide friendly, concise and highly responsive support.

Canvasflow support stats

In the 2017-18 period, Canvasflow has responded to over 90% of support requests in less than 1 hour, with over 51% being responded to in under 15 minutes.


The support has been tremendous. I was concerned the time difference would make things difficult but it's been the exact opposite!


A streamlined Workflow

After seeing such positive initial results, the NRCA are working to further integrate Canvasflow into their workflow. They now have the ability to take full control of their content and provide a better experience without needing to be technical wizards or bring on-board a digital agency.

With Canvasflow as their authoring platform, the NRCA team can focus on what's important - their content and their readers.

We're working to integrate the layouts we create in CanvasFlow into our current magazine website, cutting our workload in half again

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