ICIS is the world's largest petrochemical market information provider, providing companies with professional market intelligence for 30 years.

In June 2018, ICIS saw fit to launch a new product - The Technical Analysis Report - an email newsletter designed to give buyers and sellers the information they need before the markets open in Europe each day.

ICIS Responisve email newsletter

With daily hard-deadlines, creation of the complex daily Technical Analysis Report newsletter had to be both efficient and manageable for the in-house production team, while still providing a great looking and responsive product.


Since content built with Canvasflow is both versatile and responsive, it enables ICIS to deliver reports both rich in value and compatible with all device types and orientations.


Canvasflow were able to design, build and implement a bespoke solution for the ICIS team in just a few short weeks.

Powered by the intuitive Canvasflow UI, the team utilized a number of key core features which have turned the newsletter report into a quality reading experience.

From custom built templates to minimise the editor's workload, to automatic AWS S3 asset hosting, ensuring high availability and maximum performance around the globe.

ICIS Responisve email newsletter on devices
Just wanted to say I really like the end product, great job! And fantastic response to requirements

Once complete, robust and cross platform tested HTML can be instantly generated and fed into any email HTML-compatible distribution platform.

This newsletter is a great endorsement. My only regret was not biting the bullet and going with Canvasflow earlier.

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