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Graham Peace Design is a design consultancy with extensive experience designing, developing and publishing branded content across both print and digital for a multitude of major UK companies in the corporate and public sector.

Over the years, GPD has developed a reputation of providing leading edge design, and flexibility in moving with new digital media trends across multiple platforms.

GPD WestField

Since 2008 GPD has nurtured a list of long-standing quality clients such as Richard Branson's Carbon War Room, Westfield and The United Nations Development Programme to name a few.

Graham Peace explains how Canvasflow has helped him deliver his services while retaining the meticulous design touch he's known for.


Simple but undiluted

Working as a consultant to major brands, I needed a way to deliver design-led but functional apps that feel great to digital natives, and then be able to hand them over to the internal team with confidence. With Canvasflow my clients are able to take over control of apps I've designed and easily create and manage fully responsive HTML5 content themselves, without any technical or design input from me

Canvasflow and Twixl Publisher work great together - they are cost effective, flexible and very capable systems. If you need to publish to mobile devices, it's a very hard package to match.

GPD's work on Westfield's digital app solution for internal comms is an example of the versatility of Canvasflow, providing a well designed, responsive app whereby content can be created and managed by Westfield themselves without the need for specific design expertise or development.

Intuitive and easy to use - enabling clients to confidently edit and publish their content to their mobile app without the need for outside assistance from the original designer.


Experience with Canvasflow

Each new update has further enabled the user - whether me as the original designer, or the client - to easily add and also accurately brand their content within their app.

Recent improvements to the platform - such as the ability to push content from websites to Canvasfow - are proving big selling points with clients.

Since Canvasflow's launch in 2016, we've regularly added new features and updates to the platform, recognising the need for publishers to easily repurpose existing content. having rolled out the Canvasflow to WordPress publishing connector & Canvasflow for WordPress plugin.

The ability to cost effectively repurpose and manage their content across different media - saving time and money whilst improving impact and amplifying their message


Outstanding Support

Outstanding and second to none! Conveyed in a language that I understand, with patience, genuine concern and effort to assist as best they can as quickly as possible.

Knowing I get any questions answered clearly and quickly gives me the confidence to tackle new projects and ideas.

If you want to learn more about how Canvasflow can help optimize your workflow, or help you make the mode to creating rich, responsive content get in touch or sign up for a free trial.

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