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Damion Diplock, Global Digital Producer for RBI explains why Flight International adapted their existing solution and how the use of Canvasflow helped support their business aims.

The need for a new way of working

RBI were seeking a solution that allowed them to streamline the process of using content into their existing 'Pugpig apps' and after a process of due diligence chose Canvasflow.

Canvasflow has an existing integration with Pugpig along with other major app platforms offering customers freedom of choice to find the solution that best matches their needs.

Our old workflow was using Adobe DPS – even with some automation the process was time & resource consuming, and the content wasn't responsive.

As we got busier, we needed to streamline our workflow. Our aim was to find an off-the-shelf system that could connect to our CMS and/or WP which could help reduce time taken to produce the publication.

With the team producing such a large amount of content, even a small time saving massively improves efficiency while also allowing improved design of content with the Canvasflow authoring tools.


Experience of Canvasflow

The Canvasflow team quickly understood our workflow and adapted the system for our needs.

With the inbuilt design tools, Canvasflow not only made it easy for us to improve the design of our publications, but also enabled us to make ongoing changes - without the need for us to invest in additional development.

Canvasflow is so simple and intuitive - to the point I'd say you don't need any training

Support has been brilliant and very responsive. As we moved along with Canvasflow we saw opportunities for additional functionality and the team were very receptive to new ideas and implementation.

While Canvasflow is essentially a content authoring and management tool at heart, the platform can be flexible enough to provide solutions tailored to each publisher, and we regularly implement requested features to support our publishers.


Canvasflow API

By taking advantage of Canvasflow's API the team have been able to push InDesign content directly from WoodWing into Canvasflow, automatically converting it to a responsive format.


The future of Canvasflow at FlightGlobal

We rolled Canvasflow out to our FlightGlobal market first with 2 titles, and so we are now looking to roll-out for all our other titles, as well as looking for other ways to use Canvasflow, for example market pricing reports

Since rolling out Canvasflow we have noticed an increase in mobile uptake of readership as our readers are able to engage with the content in so many new ways

Now when I'm presented with a new project, my first thought is how can I utilize Canvasflow

It's no secret that just creating great content is a huge task. The purpose of Canvasflow isn't to only make creating content easier, but to allow publisher's to remain focused on the content, not a battle with a complicated workflow.

If you want to learn more about how Canvasflow can help optimise your workflow, or help you make the mode to creating rich, responsive content get in touch or sign up for a free trial.

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