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Twixl Publisher

Twixl Publisher 5 is a solution for content creation & presentation, app building and distribution.

Canvasflow provides a rich integration with TP5, giving you access to many of its features directly from within the Canvasflow platform.

With simple setup, multi-application support, article metadata and instant publishing, it's the perfect platform to begin authoring your digital story.

In addition to managing your HTML article content, Canvasflow also provides full support for creating and managing Twixl Content items.

Twixl Publisher

Key Features

Benefits of connecting Canvasflow to Twixl Publisher
  • Tick Instant TP5 channel setup with API status validation
  • Tick Issue based and continuous publishing workflow support
  • Tick Seamlessly switch from dev to production App
  • Tick Move, duplicate and delete feature
  • Tick Twixl centric metadata, social share and cell style management
  • Tick Publish control for all Canvasflow content items
  • Tick Optimised for fast publishing
  • Tick Richly integrated with TP5 with unlimited app support
  • Tick Native support for all TP5 content items inc preview
  • Tick Native push notification support
  • Tick One click publish / unpublish support at article and issue level
  • Tick Monitor App analytics right from the Canvasflow dashboard
  • Tick Thumbnail support for all content items
  • Tick Real-time article sync notification with Twixl processing status

Fully integrated with major publishing platforms

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