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Canvasflow and Paperlit Publisher

Canvasflow & Paperlit

Paperlit is a digital publishing platform with customers across Europe. Canvasflow now integrates fully with Paperlit to offer customers an simple way to publish responsive content to their apps.

Magazine apps are particularly at home on the Paperlit platform with easy to configure app screens and live feeds to ensure new content is always available in the app. These feeds sit alongside edition based content and give users a reason to keep opening the app between issues.

Using Canvasflow ensures that when editions are opened the experience is fully responsive and engaging. Customers converting print content for digital delivery can also make use of Canvasflow’s InDesign tool to automate the delivery of that content into Canvasflow.

Stunning Content, Whatever the Source

From full issue automation to on-demand article creation using our intuitive design led article builder, Canvasflow provides a powerful and flexible HTML5 authoring platform designed to work seamlessly with the Paperlit platform.

Create or Repurpose Content

Whether you want to create articles on the fly, build from templates or fully automate the production process, Canvasflow has a solution that fits your budget.

With a robust API designed for high volume throughput and plugins for popular CMS platforms, Canvasflow offers a range of solutions that makes repurposing existing content simple.

Enrich your story

With over 25 inbuilt media components, rich issue management controls & staging app support, Canvasflow can start adding value to your Pugpig workflow minutes.


Key Benefits

Why add Canvasflow to your workflow?

Efficient Workflow

An intuitive interface that requires minimal training and no coding knowledge - you focus on the reader from the very beginning.

Design Freedom

With Canvasflow you aren't restricted to a fixed template. Create unlimited layouts and styles, or design content on the fly without writing a single line of code.

Engage Readers

Create responsive content using customisable media components - from maps, galleries and videos, to externally sourced content including Typeform and Infogram.

Content Management

From article content to issue management and entitlement, it's all managed easily from inside Canvasflow.

Preview & Publish

Visualise content on multiple devices before you even finish a piece of content using our preview function. We also offer full support for staging apps.

Custom Fonts

Support for Custom Fonts allows you to match your brand guidelines effortlessly, regardless of whether you're on or offline.

Repurpose Content

Easily repurpose content from platforms such as WordPress and Woodwing with Canvasflow's powerful API and simple to use plug-ins.

Confident Collaboration

Collaboration with even external contributors is simple with a flexible user permissions system, allowing Editors to fine tune permissions for all account users.

New Audiences

Don't limit yourself to a single app or blog, publishing to multiple channels such as Medium, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News.

Platform Features

Canvasflow supports the following Paperlit features

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