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Easily create rich responsive content for all devices

Smart Drag & Drop

With an intuitive drag and drop interface, inline editor and ready to use text components, making creating stunning HTML5 content becomes quick and easy.

The built in responsive workspace lets you see exactly how your article looks as you're building it, while the preview option enables content to be tested on multiple device types before publishing.


Responsive Grid

Our responsive grid system enables you to instantly create robust, multi-column layouts and even define break points for complete content control.

Each component also offers 'component visibility' control, allowing you to manage what content is displayed on a device dependent basis.

Canvasflow grid system

Beautiful Built-in Components


Canvasflow comes with a large number of ready to use components for building responsive articles. We've got headers, footers, galleries, slideshows and even basic elements like spacers and and dividers.

With over 25 inbuilt and customisable media components, Canvasflow makes it easy to bring your content to life.

From maps and galleries, videos and tables and support for injecting complex custom code, creating engaging and interactive content becomes a breeze.

With link management, image captions, bleed-control and inbuilt aspect ratio cropping, each component is fully customisable.

Canvasflow rich media components

Custom Styles

Important content gets the prominence it deserves

Quickly create hero blocks, customise callouts and apply on the fly. With no limit to the number of style blocks that can be added, your article design can be as unique the content.

Custom style blocks example on mobile

Stunning Typography

With native support for custom web fonts your message is always communicated perfectly and beautifully.

To ensure your content always looks stunning, fonts are automatically included with all published articles. And with WOFF2.0 compression as default, your content is delivered quickly.

Custom font support

Stunning Content, Whatever the Source

Whether you want to create articles on the fly, build from templates or fully automate the production process, Canvasflow has a solution that fits your budget.

With a robust API designed for high volume throughput and plugins for popular CMS platforms, Canvasflow offers a range of solutions that makes repurposing existing content simple.

WordPress logo

More Features

Canvasflow is a feature rich content authoring platform.
Here are just a few of the features the editor offers.

Realtime Preview

With Canvasflow's preview mode, you can instantly see how your content looks on multiple devices and orientations.

One-click Publishing

You can download your content as a static article or seemlesely publish it with one click to any of our supported channels.

Responsive Grid

With specialized tools for working with a resposnive grid, you can easily create, resize and manage columns, and even apply responsive visibility.

Custom Code

Easily write HTML markup, add 3rd party embed code or upload zip files containing complex custom code.

Inline Editor

The inline editor provides a ******

Style Switcher

Switch instatly between styles that are applied to an article and preview how your cotnent Switch between styles instatly

Secure & Fast

Our platform offers full HTTPS encryption using TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2 for the best security and fastest delivery.

Image Optimisation

All images are automatically optimised and with built in cropping tools and aspect ratio detection, you get the perfect image everytime.

Unlimited Templates

Streamline your workflow by creating reusable templates either .... - even create a template from an exisitng article.

No Dependencies

You can export your content as standalone static articles at anytime and use it whereever you wish - no platform lockin.