Developer Free Design

Create professional designs. No coding required.

Design without developers

With an easy to use style builder, Canvasflow puts you in full control of the design of your publication.

From text formatting to the canvas style, the easy to use UI lets you build and manage multiple professional styles.

With no limit to the number of styles you can create, it's as flexible as you need, and without developers.

Custom Style Block example in iPhone

Beautiful typography

With native support for designer web fonts your message is always communicated perfectly and beautifully.

To ensure your content always looks stunning, fonts are automatically included with all published articles. And with WOFF2.0 compression as default, your content is delivered quickly to all users.

Custom font support

Custom style blocks

Custom Style Blocks let you give important content the prominence it deserves.

Quickly create hero blocks, customise callouts and apply on the fly. With no limits to the number of style blocks that can be added, your article design can be as unique the content.

Custom style blocks example on mobile

Dynamic design

Content isn't static and with Canvasflow neither is your design.

With Canvasflow, styles are managed separately from content so design changes, whether at article, edition or even publication level can be made in seconds.

Styles can also be connected to templates allowing you to further streamline your workflow.

Design icon

Integrated with major publishing platforms

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