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A Digital Magazine Maker To Supercharge Your Content

Canvasflow is a digital magazine maker which makes content creation – and publishing – simple. Whether transforming PDFs into rich digital magazines or building magazines from scratch, our powerful creative publishing platform is intuitive and easy to use. Our no-code platform takes the complexity out of content creation, meaning that it’s not a resource-intensive process for your team.

Instead, our platform empowers publishers, agencies, and brands to create captivating digital magazines which can be read from any device. We’re trusted by brands across the world and offer in-built translation tools to deliver your content to new audiences in a language they can best understand. Our intuitive editor also enables you to create in no time, without technical barriers, and you can take your content to the next level with rich media like audio, video, or animations.

A Complete Digital Magazine Solution For Agencies, Publishers, and Brands

Canvasflow is a creative content tool built for collaboration, powered by the cloud and accessible from anywhere. Our all-in-one platform is designed to captivate readers and supercharge your publication processes. From initial design to publication and reporting, Canvasflow is the complete solution for your digital magazine production.

Whether you’re digitising your back catalogue or launching a digital-first magazine, our platform provides future-proofed and accessible capabilities ready for streamlined publishing. With one-click publishing available across different channels and platforms, you can deliver your magazine to new readers quickly and easily. It’s simple to set up your style and branding settings, championing your brand with every publication. So whatever the format or channel, Canvasflow is the solution for your digital magazine.

Everything You Need To Make Your Digital Magazine

Canvasflow is an all-in-one digital content platform offering everything you need to make engaging digital magazines. Whether you’re starting from scratch or transforming existing replica-ready PDF magazines for online audiences, you can supercharge your content with Canvasflow.

Key Features

Access anytime, anywhere

Our platform is powered by the cloud, which means you can collaborate and create anytime, anywhere.

Custom integrations

Canvasflow will seamlessly integrate into your current publishing process and supercharge your content creation.

All-in-one solution

Canvasflow simplifies every stage of the design and publication process, with drag-and-drop design functionality and multi-platform publishing.

Accessible analytics

Understand your reader behaviour and content performance with in-depth analytics and insights.

Champion your brand

Easily integrate your brand style and guidelines to champion your brand through every publication.

Accessible and responsive

Reach your readers through digital magazines that are accessible and responsive across all devices.

Convert PDFs to Digital Magazines

Quickly convert replica-ready PDFs into rich and accessible digital magazines for your online audiences. Whether you’re digitising a PDF back catalogue or integrating Canvasflow into an existing workflow, transform your PDFs into memorable content that engages your audience. Digital magazines created through Canvasflow are fully responsive and optimised for every device, so you can reach readers anytime, anywhere.

Our powerful PDF conversion tool will extract text, images, and structure from your existing PDFs, so they can be edited and enhanced in the Canvasflow platform quickly and easily. You can also add rich media like audio, video, and animations, or update and change the style to fit your new brand guidelines.

Multi-Channel Publishing For Digital Magazines

Canvasflow will help you to maximise your reach, getting your content in front of the right audience. With one-click publishing to a huge range of platforms and channels, from digital newsstands and apps to websites, Canvasflow prepares your digital magazine for publication, ensuring your fully responsive content is ready for any device.

Our platform is trusted by international brands because of its powerful customisation and flexibility. You’re not locked into our platform, but can export in a range of formats and automate publishing to different channels as and when you need to. You can even print directly from Canvasflow files – so we’ve got you covered for both physical and digital publishing.

Yes, Canvasflow includes a powerful conversion service which extracts PDF content ready for editing and enhancement. Transform static PDF content into digital magazines that are responsive across all devices, to reach new audiences quickly and easily.

Canvasflow is designed to make content creation and publishing simple. With instant set-up and minimal ‘learning’ time, creating a digital magazine with Canvasflow is a stress-free experience. If you’re designing a magazine from scratch, digital templates and our powerful drag-and-drop editor will help streamline the whole process.

Canvasflow is designed to bring powerful customisation options to non-technical teams, taking a ‘no-coding needed’ approach to your content. Expect full integration throughout your existing publication process, meaning you can concentrate on what matters: the content.

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