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Showcase your services and products with a digital catalogue

Champion your products and services with a catalogue that’s available on demand. A digital catalogue means your products are accessible anytime, anywhere. Interactive features like buttons and links make it easy to transform a browser into a buyer. Add rich media like videos, animations, and audio to make your products stand out from the crowd.

Use Canvasflow to design and publish mobile-friendly digital catalogues, optimised for all devices. Whether a holiday brochure or shopping catalogue, Canvasflow will help bring your products to life. The catalogue is always available online and easy to share, meaning a consistent source of conversions. Plus, It can also be downloaded or printed on demand.

Creating online catalogues with Canvasflow couldn’t be easier

Canvasflow is an all-in-one platform that makes editing and publishing engaging digital experiences simple. The platform will supercharge all of your digital content, whether publishing a product catalogue or a newsletter. It features a drag-and-drop editor and templates to make professional catalogue design easy.

Canvasflow is designed to simplify the creation of interactive content. It’s a code-free platform that removes the technical barriers to publishing digital catalogues. It includes free templates that make professional-level designs accessible to all. Once it’s ready, you can publish directly online or download the file in a range of formats.

Create digital catalogues from your print files

Transform your print-ready PDFs and catalogues into interactive digital experiences with Canvasflow. Whether you have an existing publication process for physical catalogues or back issues to digitise, Canvasflow can help. The platform includes powerful PDF conversion to transform your printable catalogues in minutes.

The converter will take your PDF content, structure, and images and transform it into a responsive format. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor to supercharge your digital catalogues, with rich media like animations, video, and interactive buttons. The final digital catalogue can be published online or exported in a range of print-friendly formats.

Create engaging product catalogues that sell

An interactive digital catalogue is a powerful way to increase sales and conversions. Digital catalogues blend the experience of flicking through a physical magazine, with the engaging features of the best digital content. Add rich media like videos, audio, and ads, showcasing your products and services in an engaging and interactive format. Champion your unique brand with in-depth customisation and branding options.

Interactive buttons and a responsive format means readers can become buyers directly from the digital content. An online catalogue is available anytime, supercharging conversions. Plus, its reach can be amplified by sharing it across social media platforms and through email marketing campaigns.

A digital catalogue is a digital version of product and service catalogues, with the addition of interactive features and rich media. Digital catalogues replicate the experience of a traditional catalogue, including page turning animations. But it also takes products and services promotion to the next level, with interactive elements like buttons, links, and videos. Digital catalogues can be embedded within your website or downloaded and shared.

Yes, Canvasflow makes it easy to transform a print-ready PDF into a digital catalogue. The platform includes the XFlow PDF tool, used to convert PDFs into a responsive format for editing in the Canvasflow platform. The tool extracts all content from the PDF ready for enhancement into a digital catalogue.

Canvasflow can supercharge your publication process, and can create digital catalogues from a range of sources. The platform can be integrated with your existing design software like InDesign, or can convert print-ready PDFs. The drag-and-drop editor can also be used to design digital catalogues from scratch, using catalogue templates to streamline the process. Once ready to publish, the digital catalogue can be published online or downloaded in a range of formats.

Canvasflow is a no-code platform for creating engaging content experiences like digital catalogues. The platform is designed to be accessible to non-technical teams, making professionally-designed digital catalogues simple. Catalogues are optimised for all devices, and in-depth customisation settings keep your digital catalogue on brand.

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