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Canvasflow has been specifically designed to eliminate the need for developers. The platform provides both an easy to use drag and drop article builder as well as a native style builder, making the creation and design of responsive content simple and accessible to anyone.
Of course! Although Canvasflow is designed to help publishers eliminate the need for a developer, we provide a custom code component for those that require a deeper level of customisation.
Canvasflow provides a full user permissions system, allowing you to assign permissions to different members of your team. For example, if you need to have content reviewed but want to ensure no changes are made, you can set their user role accordingly.
Custom fonts are supported on a per publication basis and must be manually added to your publication by our support team.
Canvasflow currently provides support for a wide range of rich media components including Images, Galleries, Video, Audio, Maps, tables and more. Just drag, drop and click to customise.
Canvasflow provides the option for article-based publications or issue-based publications. Issue-based publications allow for a more traditional magazine publishing schedule with support for single click issue based publishing.
Canvasflow is a content authoring platform which provides enables the creation and management of responsive article content. To publish your content to an app you will need to connect Canvasflow to a publishing platform. Canvasflow currently integrates with Twixl Publisher, Pugpig, Purple DS and AEM Mobile.
Using Canvasflow's rich API webservice and / or WordPress plugin it's super easy to repurpose existing content by pushing it into Canvasflow, editing and republishing. Please contact us to learn more.
Sure. We provide the option to download your article content as pure HTML5 files at anytime. However we strongly recommend integrating with a supported publishing platform to take full advantage of all Canvasflows feature set and to help simplify your workflow.

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