ICIS Chemical Business is the world’s largest petrochemical market information provider, providing companies with professional market intelligence for 30 years.

ICIS tasked Canvasflow with creating a custom solution to support a new product – the Technical Analysis Report – a HTML email newsletter designed to give buyers and sellers the information they need before the markets open in Europe each day.

Canvasflow delivered a custom designed solution, providing a high quality reading experience for over 8000 readers a day. With robust cross-platform tested HTML markup and high availability of assets via AWS S3, ICIS are able to instantly generate and distribute copy on a daily basis.

Services Provided

  • HTML email generation
  • Custom Design
  • Bespoke Template creation
  • User role management
  • Dedicated support

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Learn how Canvasflow delivered a custom designed solution, providing a high quality digital reading experience for over 8000 ICIS readers a day.



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The Canvasflow solution is fabulous. Since introducing the platform, our production time is down from a couple of weeks to just days, it’s been liberating!

Paul Gerwen

Creative Director, NRCA

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